Mint + Sea Cottages Featured in Architectural Digest Magazine: Best Vacation Rental in Encinitas, CA

Mint + Sea Cottages Featured in Architectural Digest Magazine: Best Vacation Rental in Encinitas, CA

Encinitas, the captivating coastal town in Southern California, is renowned for its stunning beaches and charming beachside cottages. Among the plethora of vacation rentals available, Mint + Sea Cottages, designed by the esteemed Cottage + Sea, have garnered exceptional recognition. These extraordinary cottages recently achieved the remarkable honor of being featured in the esteemed pages of Architectural Digest magazine. This prestigious feature highlights their exceptional design, impeccable craftsmanship, and ability to seamlessly blend coastal living with contemporary luxury.


Mint + Sea Cottages offer an unparalleled vacation experience, encompassing a harmonious blend of coastal charm and modern elegance. The cottages exude a tranquil ambiance, providing guests with a haven of serenity amidst the everyday bustle. Each cottage showcases meticulous design, capturing the essence of Encinitas' coastal beauty while offering the utmost in modern comforts.


Architectural Brilliance: Crafted by Cottage + Sea, a renowned name in renovation and design innovation of historical properties, Mint + Sea Cottages draw inspiration from the surrounding natural landscape to create stunning abodes that perfectly harmonize with their environment. The cottages seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living. 

Stylish Interiors: Mint + Sea Cottages' interiors exemplify the impeccable taste and meticulous attention to detail synonymous with Cottage + Sea. The design aesthetic effortlessly combines contemporary elegance with coastal influences, resulting in a serene and inviting atmosphere. Soft, neutral color palettes complemented by natural textures create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Each cottage is appointed with high-end furnishings and carefully selected decor, elevating the overall design to a level of refined sophistication.

Unmatched Amenities: At Mint + Sea Cottages, guests can indulge in an array of amenities designed to ensure an unforgettable and comfortable stay. State-of-the-art kitchens equipped with top-of-the-line vintage looking appliances cater to culinary enthusiasts, while the luxurious bedrooms provide a haven for relaxation. The bathrooms exude a spa-like atmosphere, enhancing the overall sense of indulgence. Outdoor spaces feature patios and fire pits, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the coastal breezes and revel in the beauty of nature.


Mint + Sea Cottages boast a prime location offering convenient access to the town's vibrant culture, charming shops, Moonlight Beach and world-class dining establishments. With pristine beaches just steps away, guests can partake in an array of water activities such as surfing, paddleboarding, and sunbathing. Encinitas' thriving arts scene beckons visitors to explore local galleries and enjoy live performances. Positioned at the center, Mint + Sea Cottages serve as the perfect base for exploring the natural wonders and nearby attractions of Southern California.


Conclusion: Mint + Sea Cottages, meticulously designed by Cottage + Sea, have rightfully earned their place as the premier vacation rentals in Encinitas. The exceptional recognition they received by being featured in Architectural Digest magazine showcases their remarkable design, meticulous craftsmanship, and commitment to providing guests with an unforgettable coastal retreat. Whether you seek a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled vacation, Mint + Sea Cottages offer an unrivaled experience where coastal charm and modern luxury intertwine seamlessly.

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