About Mint + Sea Cottages

Steve and Nikki, the husband-and-wife duo behind Cottage + Sea, specialize in renovating and designing cottages near the coast, keeping with their authentic character based on the year they were built. Steve learned the craft of buying investment properties and renovating them since he was a young boy working with his dad. Nikki has loved design and decor since she was young, using her creativity in product design, business and interior styling. Together, Steve and Nikki have been creating beautiful and unique spaces for others to enjoy through luxury short-term rentals like Airbnb and photoshoot rentals. Their most recent project, the 1950s Mint + Sea Cottages in Encinitas, California, is one such space that they have created with a lot of care and attention to detail.

When they first acquired the Mint + Sea Cottages, they were thrilled to restore the original elements, incorporate additional 1950s character to the home and add modern amenities such as updated electrical, air conditioning and more.


They were thrilled to pull up the blue shaggy carpet to find the original hardwood floors underneath which they restored to their original beautiful condition. 


In honoring the era and original design of the home, they incorporated tile countertops throughout the kitchens in mint green and light blue. The space was also named and designed after their project "The Mint Casa" their 1920s home in Belmont shore in Long Beach California with original mint tile countertops, original pulley windows, original hardwood floors, original door hardware. 


The design duo brought all the character back into Mint + Sea that had been lost through the years with cottage style windows, tile countertops, black/white tile floors in the bathroom, art deco lighting, vintage style brass and crystal doorknobs. They even added a cozy brick fireplace in each 420 square foot cottage.

The Mint + Sea Cottages are now a luxury short-term rental in Encinitas, California. Steve and Nikki have put all their care and attention into creating a space that is both stylish and comfortable, for visitors to enjoy. 


Steve and Nikki's designs have been featured in various publications such as Apartment Therapy, Dwell, MyDomaine, Origin, Modern Home, Coastal Living, and more, showcasing their unique and authentic style. Additionally, their short-term rentals have also been a hit among celebrities who stay in their Airbnbs and use their photoshoot studios for their personal or professional projects. 


The Mint + Sea Cottages are a perfect example Steve and Nikki’s ability to create spaces that are both beautiful, luxurious and functional, and that are true to their historical roots. The cottages are the perfect place for a coastal getaway, and Steve and Nikki look forward to welcoming guests to their cottages for many  years to come.